Friday, September 21, 2012

Friday, September 7, 2012

Week 13 Letter to Baby

Sweetest, this week you returned from a trip across the world.  An adventure in Turkey was just what you needed to grow into a noticeable bump on my belly.  You must have liked all the sunshine and mezze I ate on the trip.  

Goreme was a magical place filled with hot air balloons and fairy chimneys. 
 Here you are in Istanbul at the Topkapi Palace! 

Week 10 Letter to Baby

They say the sweetest sound on earth is a baby's noises, it’s first cooing and rapture at the world. I’m sure that yours will be particularly atoning and I fondly look forward to those days.

This week, the sweetest sounds ringing in my ears have been the delight and joy met by our announcement.  The warmth and love with which you will be brought into this world, not only from your mom and dad, but a community of family and friends, has doubled my heart in size. 

You received your first gifts this week and I received a baby carriage charm to add to my bracelet. Major has also taken to resting his head on my belly, a behavior that seems to clearly signify an early bonding with you. These have been precious moments that seem to freeze time.  

Week 9 Letter to Baby

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Car windows down, high-fiving the hot summer wind a grin spread across my face.  You were no larger than a gummy bear, so memories not yet to hold, I urged myself to remember the moment.  Life is hitting you in the face with happiness I thought to myself-- it was a transcendent event that impacted me greatly.  

Your life has already filled me with so much joy.  I can hardly wait to share with you what it’s like to drive with the music on, wind in your hair and remember one day the moment I realized how blessed and sublimely happy it felt to know you were mine. 

Week 4 Letter to Baby

The moment I learned that you were growing inside me, time seemed to be suspended in air.  It is a moment that took my breath away from the sheer force of hope, fear, love and joy colliding together.  Your Dad, standing beside me, erupted in an uncharacteristic burst of tears.  The seconds that elapsed shortly thereafter are forever to be a milestone in my life.  Your life immediately changed mine. 

I didn’t sleep at all that night. Time stood still with cloudlike questions floating in my head.  Hardly able to believe that all our hoping and praying for this day to come had actually arrived—we are going to be parents!  Now what?

Cautiously optimistic seems to be the road suggested for first time parents. A fervent, pervasive thought from that moment on has been a wish for you to grow healthy and happy. And while we couldn’t share with the world our happiness, for those moments you were our most cherished secret. 

First Comes Love...

The inaugural post on this blog is a milestone for our family.  Today we celebrate our fifth wedding anniversary and the love that has taken us on the amazing journey of expecting the arrival of a baby!

What an amazing five years it has been!

We'd like to think of this as our keepsake album to look back on and enjoy for years to come. We hope that family and friends will enjoy following along on the adventures that are sure to follow with the Leanderson clan.

All our love,
Mat, Meg & Major