Monday, January 6, 2014

Ten Months

This is the best picture we could get this month... he didn't want to sit still!
He wouldn't keep the sticker on.
Weight: 24 lbs and 13.5 oz

Health: We had a scare this month when James Robert woke up with a swollen eye due to an allergic reaction, but other than that he has been happy and healthy.

Sleep: If he sleeps until 6am we're lucky these days. Better than last month, so hopefully we'll improve steadily!

Social: James Robert was lucky to be able to spend a week with his cousin, Kate, over the holidays.  He already idolizes her. Watching the two of them interact brought countless laughs.

Diet:  We're transitioning to more and more solid foods and experimenting with textures.  Besides being very careful to avoid anything with tree nuts or peanuts, we've been branching out.  Juicy pears, berries, avocado and spaghetti are all hits.

Clothes:  Luckily, this month, James Robert mostly grew up and not out.  We're wearing still mostly 12 mo clothes.

Baby gear: Here are some of our favorites from this month
1) Bubbles are almost as much fun to play with as an adult as they are for James Robert.  These don't pop when they land on the ground so it gives him time to chase them around which he loves.
2) Blocks.  All kinds.
3) Lovie has been such a key part of our sleep routine, especially when traveling
4) This car was the highlight of James Robert's Christmas morning
5) A soft, personalized, interactive book, like this, is so fun to read plus it's educational
6) Thanks to great recommendations from other Moms we tried pedi peds for his first shoes and they have been great for beginning walkers.
7) Teething is no fun, but this thing seems to make it a bit more bearable.
8) Balloons continue to facinate James Robert; they make him light up with joy

Likes: Bubbles, balloons, driving in his toy car and dancing to music

Milestones:  This month was truly indredible. Of any month so far, this one seemed to be the most remarkable in terms of changes.  He went from pulling himself up, to crawling on all fours to WALKING!  His two front teeth came in just before Christmas and he learned so many skills-- waving, clapping, playing peek-a-boo and kisses.  It's not unlikely to find him standing in his crib waiting for us!  

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2013 year in review

Looking back on 2013, it's incredible how much life can change and how blessed it has been.  Wishing you and yours a very Happy New Year and cheers to 2014!!