Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Our Day in Numbers

Our Day in Numbers:

4: as in AM, which is when we woke up today.

2: the number of times I had to change my outfit due to baby blowouts.

8: the number of times James Robert rolled over! I know I'm his mother, but at 7 weeks old, that seems pretty darn impressive.  He is a master of tummy time!

10+: the number of diapers we went through (I say 10+ because I started to lose count).

1: the number of walks around the neighborhood we took to look at the flowers and trees (a new favorite activity).

12: the number of times Major tried to steal James Roberts wubba.  We have a feeling that Major may have trouble "sharing" toys.

8- the number of times James Robert ate today.

25: the approximate number of times he smiled at his family when prompted. James Robert is a loquacious baby, likely taking after his momma.

42313- number of times I pinched myself for the gift of a happy (most of the time), healthy baby.  I love our little family. 

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