Monday, June 3, 2013

Three Months

Weight: 15 lbs and 2 oz

Health: Happy and healthy!  He has a clogged tear duct that acts up once and a while.

Sleep: Still going down most nights around 9pm after his bedtime routine.  This month was a break through and James Robert has very consistently been sleeping through the night!  He usually wakes up between 6:30-7am cooing in his crib.   

Social: James Robert has become very alert and loves meeting new people.  Going new places has become a fun adventure as he greets many new voices and places with smiles and wide eyes.  He loves going on play dates with his neighbor Harry!

Diet: Eating very regularly on schedule, like a champ! 

Clothes: Still size 2 diapers, but solidly in 3 month clothing.  As evidenced by the picture above, he likes it better when Mommy dresses him than Daddy.  

Baby Gear:  Here is a collage of his favorites from this month:

1) Our pack'n play has a play mat that is detachable and a mobile that keeps JR totally occupied 
2) Bibs are necessity these days with the extra drool and spit up; this one from Three Martha's is a favorite
3) Lots of links has so many different functions; right now I use them to create mobiles with different items
4) As we are getting out and about more, I have had to nurse on the go a few times.  I LOVE this nursing shawl that doubles and a cape, swaddle blanket and scarf.  It is made of the softest bamboo. 
5) We read this book before naps and bed; the message is so sweet
6) Our Beaufort Bonnet britches are a hot weather staple and so adorable
7) This little toy has stopped many meltdowns
8) Mirrors are a favorite
9) I love getting the free emails from productive parenting with fun playtime activities tailored to James Robert's age.

Crying: We've discovered a hot James Robert is a very crabby boy...other than that, he really is a happy camper.  

Likes: Mirrors!  He loves to look into the mirror and smile.  James Robert has also started babbling and loves to have "conversations" with his Momma and Dad.  His animal mobile and play mat are favorites too. 

Milestones:  His neck control is getting better and better everyday!  At 12 weeks, he is able to sit in his bumbo with no head support.  James Robert has also discovered that if he kicks in his bunny seat, the whole thing bounces!

To see more pictures from the last month, click here.  

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  1. Hey! Found your blog over at Belle in the Burgh! I live in Charlotte too and have a 6-month old :-)