Friday, July 5, 2013

Four Months

Weight: We're guessing 16.5 lbs... at least!

Health: Healthy and happy!

Sleep:  James Robert now goes to bed between 7-8pm every night after enjoying bath time.  Most days he sleeps until 6-7am (alleluia!)  We are struggling with nap time being consistent and he's very stubborn about sleeping in his swing during the day...  

Social: James Robert loves going on outings and flourishes when he has lots of new people to meet.  This month we discovered that he is very ticklish and we've done everything possible to elicit his adorable belly laughs!

Diet: Corresponding with a seemingly overnight growth spurt, James Robert has been eating a ton this month.  Mommy is working her hardest to keep up!  

Clothes:   Still in size 2 diapers, but most 0-3 clothes are getting tight.  Size 3 month in most onsies still fit, but most smocking and shorts are 6mo+.  The above fedora has become his go-to accessory... he has a ball every time we put it on. 

Baby Gear:  Here are some of our favorites from this month:

1) BabyErgo is perfect for taking walks with James Robert, I love having him close and watching him taking everything in
2) Naps don't happen these days without his lovey
3) Dr Brown's bottles have become our preference as James Robert is taking bottles during the day
4) Fisher price piano mat is such a great interactive toy with lots of options. I love that it keeps James Robert occupied for tummy time, playing with the things hanging above him and allows him to kick the piano too.  When he can sit up, the piano rotates for more play. 
5) Books, books and more books.  This one  is a favorite
6) The fish that came with our whale tub makes bath time so entertaining; James Robert LOVEs it
7) This bath towel makes me smile every night (we got ours as a gift, similar here)
8)His little baby fedora is quite possibly the most adorable baby boy accessory

Crying: Mostly happy, but when the lower lip starts sticking out....look out!

Likes:  James Robert is hardly able to keep his hands out of his mouth. He loves to such on his fingers and hand (doctors said he did this in utero).  He also loves reading books, kicking, practicing sitting up, dancing with momma and his nanny, Erin.  Perhaps funniest anecdote this month is his affinity for our Katie Lee cookbook.  There have been many fits calmed by letting him look at her book- so funny!

Milestones:  This month, Momma went back to work.  It has been an adjustment for everyone.  But the good news is that James Robert loves his nanny, Erin.  Another milestone was his first visit to the pool and hearing him belly laugh. 

To see more pictures from the last month, click here.  

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