Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Eight Months

Weight: 22 lbs and 13 oz

Health: Happy and healthy!  
Sleep:  We'll blame it on daylight savings, but this month James Robert decided that he was a VERY early morning person.  We're begging him to sleep in!

Social: We took trips to visit new friends at Bear Lake and Gram and Grandpa visited Charlotte- it has been a fun month for social activities. James Robert also looks forward to play dates with his besties Jack and Julia. 

Diet:  It's so fun to watch his palate develop.  While he is picky about anything green, the kid hasn't met a fruit he doesn't love.  Prunes, corn and sweet potato and yogurt are his current favorites. 

Clothes:  Still in size 4 diapers and mostly 9-12 month items.  The 12-18 month onsies are fitting best these days.  Pants are still tricky, but we found some elastic waste jeans (aka maternity baby jeans) that fit perfectly!

Baby gear:
1)  We have loved the knitted, cozy koala hat from Knight Owl's Etsy shop
2)  This little tug boat makes the trip from bath time to our swim lessons each week
3)  James Robert was gifted a bench with his name on it and he endlessly plays with the letters--stacking, banging and slobbering his way through playtime.  This will be a keepsake toy that we know will grow with him.
4) Baby Beluga has been the song for James Robert. Since he was little it has helped calm him like none other.  Now I plug in the Raffi pandora station and we have so much fun.
5) We struggle to keep socks on, but these swedish moccasins seem to have a bit more staying power for the colder temps
6) The Apple Park book and monkey puppet are one of James Robert's current favorites.  The website is adorable too with lots of eco-friendly and organic living tips
7) Le Petite Bateau has the most perfect coverall; ours was a gift from Gram and Grandpa's Paris trip so it's extra special
8) After many attempts, we landed on the InnoBaby Sippy cup which is both our favorite and James Roberts.  I love that it is stainless steel and can convert to a cup for when he is a bit older.  The straw allows him to get every last drop without having to lean back too. For Charlotte locals, we got ours at the baby grocery store which is fantastic!

Likes: "Walking" while holding our hands, dancing in your exersaucer, taking walks, chewing on anything you can get your hands on, laughing at Major and eating new foods

Milestones: After practicing with Gram, James Robert began to army crawl and much to Major's chagrin he chases after him.   

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