Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Nine Months

Weight: guessing about 23lbs

Health: this month, we found out that James Robert has peanut allergies and eczema.  We found a wonderful pediatric allergist that is working with us as we learn to keep our little guy safe and feeling better.

Sleep: We're dealing with a bit of sleep regression.  Between teething, travel and being more vocal about his wants, James Robert has been waking up a lot at night.  Mom and Dad are very tired and hoping that our well rested baby returns soon!

Social: James Robert met so many new people this month.  Aunt Judy, Uncle Tom, Thomas, Aunt Mary, Uncle Tom, Eryn, Tim, the Connells and even some of Aunt Nikki's friends all visited with us.

Diet:  Besides nuts, James Robert is exploring lots of new foods.  He's still loving sweet potato and chicken and his new favorite is a "tropical smoothie" which is avocado, pineapple, banana and yogurt

Clothes: Mostly 12 month clothes now... things are quickly being outgrown!

Baby gear: Here are some of our favorites this month-

1)  We upgraded to a larger and more snuggly sleep sack, just in time for Chicago's blustery weather
2)  A classic that now captures his interest
3) This bead roller coaster is a fun way to practice fine moder skills
4) Teething pain was abated with frozen treats tucked into these mesh feeders
5) The 2-in-1 onsies have become a favorite way to keep our active little guy covered while playing
6) Baby Einstein does it again with this toy, James Robert spend countless hours dancing along and enjoying his new found freedom of standing
7) The Melissa and Doug walker is a great beginner walker as it has a low center of gravity

Likes: Dancing and eating are still favorite activities.  Any and all music will get him swaying back and forth with a smile on his face.  Visiting with new people, playing with stacking toys and of course Major.

Milestones: James Robert has hit what seems like a rapid period of development and growth with many milestones.  Two new top teeth have broken through and his ability to interact becomes more and more involved everyday.  From peak-a-boo, to pulling himself up to standing on nearly every object available, our little man is showing his personality more and more. This month he started saying "dada" more and more.

To see more pictures from this month, click here

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