Monday, January 26, 2015

We made it!

We made it!  Barely.... we're lucky they let us in the country after the meltdown James Robert had going through immigration.  Despite his unruly behavior (i.e. running-amuck while screaming "I want more goldfish"... of which there were none) they waved us through.  

A week ago I couldn't have imagined writing from the spot I am sitting in now.  When we boarded our plane on last Monday morning, we didn't yet know where our corporate housing would be.  Luckily, Mat sorted things out and we were greeted with the Toronto skyline and Lake Ontario views.  

So we've swapped our suburban home for a more urban condo for a few weeks and it feels surreal.  James Robert may have been out of sorts when we left Charlotte, but seeing the all day entertainment that is outside of his window has certainly cheered him up.  At all hours of the day, there are a host of his favorite things to watch. Perched atop a subway station, we can now watch trains, planes and automobiles until our hearts content.  

Since our boots hit the ground, we've been busy exploring and on a mad hunt for a rental home. Today, we managed to sneak in story time at a local library and caught a glimpse of local life.  While we've taken in only a small slice of what this city has to offer,  I feel confident that there will be a lot to enjoy.  More to come! 

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