Thursday, March 5, 2015

Letter to JR: Happy 2nd Birthday!


Dear James Robert,

We love you more than words.  Two years ago, I could hardly wait to meet you.  Now, my everyday’s are filled with your sweet face.  Frequently, you ask me to read you a story at bedtime in which a mother tells her child how much he is loved.  “I can’t imagine life before you came along, you are the music to my dance and my song” are the words you know and love best.  They are also some of the truest.

You light up our world with your infectious energy and charisma.  In the last year you’ve grown in so many ways.  You’ve increased your vocabulary by leaps and bounds.  We have endless conversations these days.  Planes, puppies and bees are things we discuss often.
You still adore anything musical.  You’re the first to dance at story time.  You find delight in routine and can easily tell us what comes next.  Playing is your favorite thing to do, especially with your train tracks or with your stuffed animals. 

You love to swim, play with Major, build forts with your Dad and dance.  You smile a wild and unabashedly joyous smile when we come get you in the morning and it melts my heart daily.

While you love to rough house and get dirty, you’re also affectionate and tender.  You give hugs and kisses genuinely.  You make friends wherever you go.  And if I could bottle your belly laugh, I would.  

It is so sweet to see your personality develop.  You have have plentiful opinions and specific tastes these days.  You keep me on my toes and teach me lessons constantly.  

Happy Birthday, my sweet boy.  Here's to the terrific twos and a year full of incredible memories ahead. 

Your Mama

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