Monday, August 24, 2015

Pure Michigan 2015 Part II

A great perk of living in Toronto is that we are driving distance to Little Traverse Lake.  That means we were able to make two trips this year!  In early August, we enjoyed a week there with extended family.

James Robert had a ball spending time with his cousins.  
So many memories were made.  Including the kids first "hike" to the big lake.  While there were lots of piggy-backs involved, we all made it there and back in one piece. And in high spirits to boot.  
Another especially memorable day was spent at the Leland Library.  Two firemen came to read to the kids and afterwards they were able to explore the fire truck and ambulance.  This was James Robert's dream come true.
And of course, there was a lot of lake time.  And love from Nana and Baca.

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