Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Two and a half

Untitled  This is a snapshot of two and a half:

-Energy and spirit infuses all that you do.
-Trucks and "diggys" ,as you you like to call them, are your most favorite thing to play with.
-You ask approximately 150 questions by the time we finish breakfast.
-You adore music and if you're not asking a question, you're likely singing (Wheels on the Bus is STILL your favorite).
-Dirt is glorious, but you find glue to be yucky and hence hardly participate in arts and crafts
-Your teachers tell me that you're very expressive!
-If I let you, you would chase Major around the backyard pretending to mow the lawn for hours.
-Those precious little smiles are so tender and underneath the rough and tumble, you are still fiercely affectionate.   

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