Sunday, July 10, 2016

TCL One Month

I am so thankful that I documented JR's first year in this format.  Each month I'll plan to post a similar update on Thomas' growth and memories.  There are so many things packed into these days, I don't want to forget the details! Thomas' first month was a wonderful one, here are some highlights. 

Weight: about 10 lbs (solidly in the 50% for all measurements at 1 month)

Health: Within the first month it seemed we had a lot of doctor visits.  There was a very lethargic couple of days that promted an ER visit to rule our jaundice (it was negative).  There were also a few lactation consultation visits to make sure we had feeding down pat.  There have been a lot of fussy evenings, so we're working on figuring out what has him upset. 

Sleep: Thomas is most comfortable sleeping on Mommy's chest or in his swing.  He loves to party all night long and morning is his best nap.  The longest stretch he has slept was 3 hours.  

Social: There were so many visitors in the first month including both sets of grandparents.  We had lots of friends from church come to visit us and bring food and meet you.  And because the weather was so nice and we can walk many places from our house, Thomas was out and about a lot in the first month! 

Diet: Thomas (just like his brother) has a voracious appetite.  He eats around the clock! 

Clothes: Newborn clothing fit the best; in fact, we didn't have many from JR, so we ended up getting a few more warm weather newborn items in order to have enough to wear.   Because it has been so warm,  he spent most of the month in a diaper and swaddle or a short sleeve white onsie.  

Baby Gear Love: Thank goodness for the swing!  Also, we have been having you sleep as much as possible in the rock and play because it is more upright than a bassient in hopes that you will be more comfortable.  We are much more minimal on baby gear this time around! 

Crying:  Although he wasn't born screaming, he has developed that skill in the first month.  There has been a lot of crying that we are still trying to figure out why.  

Likes:  The outdoors!  Thank goodness he is a summer baby because taking him outside to feel the breeze, watch the trees or take a walk has been the best way to sooth him.  He also loves his wabanub pacifier and of course, milk

Milestones: He lost his umbilical chord only 4 days after he was born!  The biggest milestones were getting back up to his birth weight (it took 2 weeks!) and meeting his big brother. 

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