Wednesday, August 10, 2016

TCL 2 Months

Weight: a bit over 12 lbs at your well visit!

Health: We started medication for reflux this month which helped to calm some of your symptoms.  Overall, you're in the 50th percentile for weight, height and head size!

Sleep: Sleeping doesn't come easily; most evenings you cry from 5:30-10PM and you sleep best when on a walk in your stroller ( you love the outdoors) or on Mommy's chest.  The longest stretch you've slept is 3 hours.

Social: You are becoming more alert when awake and tracking things with you eyes and cooing.

Diet: You weren't thrilled with the first bottle we tried to give you, but overall a steady appetite and eats well.

Clothes: You moved into mostly 0-3 month clothing this month.  Dressing you in summer baby clothes is SO fun!

Baby Gear: The rock and play has been great for sleeping because of the incline and our stroller has gotten quite a workout since it's one of the places you feel most comforted.  And the Ergo and ring sling have been life savers to keep you close and also have free hands.

Phew!  I'm not even going to elaborate.

Likes: Eating, being outside, walks in the stroller.

Milestones: Making noises! 

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