Monday, March 3, 2014

Letter to James Robert: 1 year

Dear James Robert,

Happy first Birthday!  Since your arrival last year, many things have changed; you’ve reached milestones such as walking, talking, clapping and even dancing, but one thing will always stay the same-- we will love you, unfailingly. 

Becoming your Mama, holding you in my arms and watching you grow has brought indefinable joy. We’ve loved, laughed, cried and learned so much this first year. 

On March 3, 2013 the lens through which life was focused became clearer and while teaching you new things, you taught me many things too, namely about love.

You taught me about a love deeper than I knew I was capable of, a love that transcends one’s own needs for that of another. 

You taught me about a love that mamas feel for their baby’s having babies and that the instinctual desire to care and protect never goes away.

You taught me the strength of love bound by new life brings a deeper meaning to husband and wife. 

You taught me of the warmth of community that showers love and prayers to lift up the fragile and prized moments of a newborn. 

You taught me about a love that breaks your heart with sweetness for the passing of time eludes pause and the saccharine moments of rocking a sleeping baby will become only memories.

You taught me about a love that bends but does not break in the difficulty of sleeplessness and aching self-doubt that comes from wanting only the best for your beloved.

You taught me about a love that deepens faith, for you are testament that all things comes from above, that blessings are to be cherished and exalted.

James Robert, you are a gift.  Every time you look into my eyes, every time you hold my hand, every giggle, every knowing glance as we share a new experience, every proud smile of a new achievement, every cry for Mama makes me pause in praise of the blessing you are.

I wish for you a year filled with many more milestones.  I hope you grow in love, you retain your innate tenderness and you continue to greet the new days with zest. 

Happy Birthday my sweet boy. 
All my love, Mama   

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