Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Twelve Months

Weight: 26 lbs

Health: Happy and healthy!

Sleep: Staying steady at around 7am daily-- thank goodness!

Social: While shy in some social situations, James Robert mostly adores playing with other kids and waving to everyone in the neighborhood

Diet:  James Robert continues to be a good eater, but it is getting harder and harder to get him to try new foods.  This month, his new favorite thing are English Muffins

Clothes: We're moving into more 18 month items as well as 24-2T in some shirts

Baby gear:
1) This push toy is a classic
2) This teepee is honestly as much fun for Mom and Dad as a toddler
3) Pinehole press' book of names and faces is a favorite
4) James Robert has taken a liking to baby golf clubs much to Mat's excitement
5) Vroom vrooms like these are a boy must-have
6) A play tunnel is a great indoor and outdoor adventure activity

Likes: Swinging at the park, playing ball with Major, dancing to music and going over to Gram and Grandpa's for dinner 

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