Friday, June 19, 2015

A Trip to Washington DC

I'm a few weeks behind in posting pictures of our trip to Washington DC.  Despite the lag time, the trip still has a sweet aftertaste- literally.  We celebrated birthdays and being together in the best way possible...cupcakes! I joked that we took a cupcake tour of DC (Strawberry from Baked and Wired is my favorite and as a bonus is PN/TN free so JR could enjoy too).

The Abrams are tremendous hosts;  their beautiful new home was filled with so much energy as the cousins played together non-stop for 5 days straight. So much sweet family time!

It's always great to be back in DC, especially in May when the magnolias are blooming, the parks are beckoning and your family has so much to celebrate.
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For more pictures from our trip, click HERE 

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