Saturday, January 30, 2016

Winter Up North

Northern Michigan is beautiful anytime of year; if you can brave the cold, winter has a special splendor.
We visited over a long weekend in late January and were treated to  a frozen landscape, white with snow which provided plentiful opportunities to enjoy winter activities.

Within the first hour of being there, James Robert took his inaugural sled and tested out the frozen lake.
The evening sunsets were the most picturesque time of day and despite my numerous attempts, I couldn't adequately capture the blue of the sky.  Standing out on the lake you almost couldn't tell where they sky ended and the ice began.
winter sky
The snow was the perfect consistency to cut blocks and make a fort.  Mat really outdid himself with this afternoon activity and James Robert was in heaven. 
We're so thankful for family with such an open door to visitors and who takes care of us so generously.  James Robert absolutely loved having one-on-one time with this Nana, Baca and Great Aunt Kris and Uncle Peter.  

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