Friday, September 9, 2016

James Robert Kinders Class

This week, James Robert graduated from the preschool class to the kinders class at his school and he's been so proud and excited about the accomplishment.  In order to move into this class he has been diaper free for a month and even won the "student star" award for excellent listening and participation.

The kinders class will be working on more pre-K type activities as most Canadian children go into full-day kindergarten the year they turn 4.  James Robert's favorite activities are the music lesson, French circle time and yoga!

We're so proud of him for making this transition and for his enthusiasm (with so many changes he's been a real trooper).  He will only be in the class for the next coming weeks, but it was surely a boost of confidence for him that I know he'll take it into whatever school he goes to in Seattle!

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