Saturday, September 10, 2016

TCL 3 Months

Weight: 13.5 lbs

Health: In the last 2 weeks of Thomas' second month we noticed a big improvement in the reflux and colic symptoms.  He is still taking Zantac twice daily and that seems to help tremendously.  Besides a stuffy nose, overall health is great.

Sleep: In the last two weeks, Thomas has started to put himself on a much more routine sleep schedule; he gets tired every night around 7:30 and has began to sleep longer stretches over night (usually waking once or twice during the night) and then is up at 6:30AM.  He is napping more regularly too and transitioned to sleeping in his own room in a crib.  We also discovered that although he fights it, Swaddle Me blanket is very soothing for him.

Diet: Still exclusively breastfed and hasn't taken a bottle at all this month.

Clothes: Mostly 0-3 month items still.

Baby Gear: Most of the month we were still getting a lot of use out of the Rock and Play before moving to the crib.  We tried a new carrier (the Baby Bjorn) which is easy to use and with the warm weather has been great.  The Baby Bjorn bouncer is also a new favorite because Thomas is starting to understand that when he kicks is bounces and loves the movement.  This playmat from James Robert has proved to be a big hit!! Oh, and his wubbanub goes everywhere with us.

Crying: Thankfully, Thomas is trying much less this month than last month.  And it is remarkable to see that he can be soothed more easily and responds to us with a smile.

Likes: Thomas is happiest in his bath!  We have started doing more regular bedtime baths and he absolutely loves to splash and kick.  He also loves to babble and doesn't miss an opportunity to join in the dinner conversation with his cooing.  Thomas is tracking things with his eyes and loves his playmat with black and white images.  This month showed a lot of growth!

Milestones: Sleeping longer, rolling onto his side by himself (not rolling over yet), increased babbling and best of all smiles for all of his family members.  


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